what a treacherous thing it is to believe
that a person is more than a person.

so like, this isn’t really important. it’s just something I’ve discovered.

it’s about boxer briefs.

I usually only wear underwear to bed

and one night, after we had sex, my underwear was no longer on the bed, so I asked my boyfriend to grab me a pair of his boxers because I didn’t feel like searching for black underwear in a dark room, or making him do it

and holy poop.

they were the most comfortable things ever to sleep in

so I used them to sleep in all weekend, haha

slightly ~~ personal not really though? just silly things
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  1. onekindword said: Now do you see why it is what I wear all the time for pajamas?? They are glorious!
  2. corneliusdawgiusmaximus said: And men’s pants have huge pockets compared to women’s. The More You Know.
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