what a treacherous thing it is to believe
that a person is more than a person.


i’m not a misandrist but i think it’s pretty clear men are unfit for jobs in parliment. i mean, you try to have an intellectual discusscion with them about social issues, and their first instinct is to demand if equal rights means they can punch you. their brains just aren’t wired for talking to people / thinking through problems without using violence. get back to the gym, sweetheart

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why do men think that when a woman generalizes them that its equivalent to oppression

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How then can one expect the state to solve the problem of violence against women, when it constantly recapitulates its own history of colonialism, racism, and war? How can we ask the state to intervene when, in fact, its armed forces have always practiced rape and battery against “enemy” women? In fact, sexual and intimate violence against women has been a central military tactic of war and domination.

Yet the approach of the neoliberal state is to incorporate women into these agencies of violence—to integrate the armed forces and the police.

- Angela Davis, "The Color of Violence Against Women" (via danielradio)

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equal representation in media is important

equal racial representation in media is important 

equal queer representation in media is important

equal cultural representation in media is important

equal representation in media is important

media representation impacts children and it’s important

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"if you were polite and nice with your activism we’d listen" no you wouldn’t you fucking liars

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