what a treacherous thing it is to believe
that a person is more than a person.

Anonymous youre literally the best person on this site and i really want to gush about how great you are all the time and give you a big hug but i dont want to seem weird 

omg what thank you.

nono, I am not the best. I fuck up all the time and am constantly learning new ways to improve myself as a person, but thank you so much, you are very kind and I would gladly accept a hug <3333

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women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego

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men are disgusting, creepy, persistent, and entitled and i think they should be exploited for money and gifts at every opportunity given 

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1. wear more black
2. be meaner to boys
3. do homework maybe

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I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore.
- Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters: The Novel-Essay Portion of THE YEARS  (via univorso)

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